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Becoming an Overseas Partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming an IBEI overseas partner.
We work with partners overseas to provide local assistance to students applying for our program from around the world. The responsibilities of our partners include, but are not limited to

-Introducing prospective students to the IBEI program
-Providing program information and application materials
-Screening for program requirements
-Verifying and checking all applications
-Submitting completed applications to IBEI for review and processing
-Communicating directly with applicants during the application process
-Assisting students to obtain a visa at the local Japanese Embassy or consulate after receiving COE (Certificate of Eligibility) from IBEI
-Making travel arrangements
-Conducting an orientation before departure
-Serve as a home-country contact to coordinate between IBEI, the applicant and the applicant’s family
-Maintain regular working hours, check mails, e-mails and stay contactable over the telephone for updates or any emergency

If your organization meets the requirements stated above, please contact us with the following details. We will reply to you soon. Thank You.

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Name of your organization:
Address: city / country/ postal code:
Prefix: Ms. /Mr. / Mrs.:
Your name:
Brief description of your current programs:
How did you learn about IBEI?
Is your organization currently sending students to Japan?

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